No Disparity

mujeres solteras en san bernardo Alas, their providence is lost for all posterity. But there is a consensus of opinion both quotes originated in whole, in part, or, at least, were popularized by Samuel Langhorne Clemens (aka, Mark Twain). Given his reputation for a wicked wit and ready repartee, Clemens, if not the first to utter these observations regarding numbers … Continue reading ‘No Disparity’ »

Ipse Dixit Something is afoot in Washington. Newspapers yesterday (May 13th) contained a tidbit regarding the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) decision not to file an appeal with the Supreme Court. The adverse ruling in question was delivered in February by the U.S. Court of Appeal. The subject of the case, Loving v. IRS, concerned the agency’s authority …

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Break Out of the Box!

participio passato di rencontrer From time to time, I reissue pieces written and published in the past. While I draw inspiration for subjects from current trends, I strive to offer insights having a longer shelf life than a week, a month or a year. This is one such piece that falls into the category of behavioral finance. As an …

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The Engine of Prosperity

methocarbamol cost After a spectacular run-up in stock prices in 2013 (with the S&P 500 Index delivering a total return of 32.4 percent for the year), the natural question on the lips of many is, Can it continue? Alas, there is no simple answer. By some measures the U.S. stock market continues to look attractive. And, then, …

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