A Rebuke to Readers of The New York Times

duphalac uk photograph The inspiration for this piece was collective inanity of comments posted by Times’ readers in response to Gary Johnson’s editorial — Take a Deep Breath, Voters.  There is a Third Way — which appeared in the September 28th edition of the The New York Times. The Roman political philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicero quipped, “Any man …

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Ipse Dixit

propose tenovate cream price Something is afoot in Washington. Newspapers yesterday (May 13th) contained a tidbit regarding the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) decision not to file an appeal with the Supreme Court. The adverse ruling in question was delivered in February by the U.S. Court of Appeal. The subject of the case, Loving v. IRS, concerned the agency’s authority …

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Commonsense is not so Common

http://www.voguewindowtinting.com/27636-nortriptyline-cost.html release The inspiration  for reissuing this piece from the archives (it first appeared in February 2012) was an article appearing in the April 24th edition of The Economist. Entitled, “Because Men are Not Angels”, the article explores the new found interest in James Madison. Among other occupations, including being a member of the Tidewater gentry and …

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